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Nail art, nail design is a fairly common need of women in today's modern times. A beautiful set of nails will make you more confident and shine. A great advantage of First Impressions Salon & Spa is that it is 100% used paint with clear information and origin.
Your hands will be coated with safe and hygienic products. When doing nails with these polishes, the durability and color after manicure is kept longer, guaranteed to the best extent.
Therefore, when customers choose First Impressions Salon & Spa, you will feel more comfortable, relaxed and secure. New paint colors, hot trends are constantly updated to improve the user experience. Even with the fastidious or demanding customers coming here, they still feel satisfied and have positive feedback.
In addition, the staff at First Impressions Salon & Spa are all highly skilled, careful, skillful and meticulous people. Through their hands, there will certainly be great nail design works, best suited to the trends and wishes of customers.

Nail salon 92553 | First Impressions Salon & Spa |The best nail salon Moreno Valley, CA 92553
Our service - Nail salon 92553:
- Basic Manicure
- Hot Oil Manicure
- Organic Manicure
- Honey Manicure
- Collagen Manicure
- Herb Pearl Manicure

- Basic Spa Pedicure
- Callus Removal Spa Pedicure
- Better Spa Pedicure
- Honey Spa Pedicure
- Herb Pearl Spa Pedicure
- Royal Spa Pedicure
- Kol Detox Spa Pedicure
- Organic Spa Pedicure
- Collagen Spa Pedicure
- Deluxe Spa Pedicure 
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Nail salon 92553 | First Impressions Salon & Spa |The best nail salon Moreno Valley, CA 92553

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